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Recently, Cornerstone acquired Saba, including the TalentSpace solution. We’d like a chance to talk with you as our business is fundamentally different since you left. Take a look at options we’re providing to current AND former TalentSpace customers.

Data Migration
Data Migration

Preferred Pricing for Former
TalentSpace Customers

You may have moved on, but we still consider you family and are extending our preferred pricing to your organization as well.

Smart & Swift 

Cornerstone’s tried and true implementation approach configures up to 70% of the system for you!
Unified Talent Management

Future Proof your Organization with Unified Talent Management

As your organization grows, you can rely on Cornerstone for all your talent management needs from hire to retire.
Product Support

Superior Product Support 
You Can Rely On

You can rely on great product support with 24/5 access to product experts across both TalentSpace and Cornerstone.

Industry analysts and customers agree Cornerstone is the #1 leader in talent management

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


Meeting the Moment in 2020: 
React & Train Quickly or Risk Falling Behind

Companies with a mature digital learning approach are 


more likely to cope with the impact of the pandemic than those without.

“Cornerstone’s on-demand online curriculum has been a lifesaver for employees needing to learn new skills as they adopt to this new normal.”

Gabe Aponte

Learning & Development Program Manager,
County of San Mateo

As a leader, don’t just tell your team what to do. Identify their values, hopes, and concerns, and relate to them.

Resources for surviving and thriving what’s next

Check out this ebook on how Cornerstone can help your organization thrive in the COVID-era and beyond.

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Free Unconscious Bias Training

Promote racial equality in the workplace by training your employees to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias.

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Benefits of Cornerstone Performance

Enable HR & leadership to track and evaluate performance. 
Empower employees to continuously develop. 
Equip managers to be better coaches.

  • Align Your People to Strategic Organization Goals
  • Support Collaborative Goal Setting
  • Accurately Track Skills & Competencies
  • Enable Skills-Based Career Development
  • Foster Continuous Feedback & Coaching with Check-ins
  • Recognize & Crowdsource Feedback with Gamified Badge
  • Observe and assess skills in real time with Observation Checklists 

Cornerstone integrates with leading payroll vendors, enabling seamless management of employee data.


Better Together: Learning & Performance

When learning and performance are unified, the results are transformational. Unlock employee potential and foster a high-performance culture by tying feedback and performance reviews with personalized development and modern training courses. 

Data Migration

Drive purpose through organizational alignment

Data Migration

Empower career progression with personalized development

Data Migration

Identify high performers and retain top talent

Data Migration

Foster ongoing feedback 
and coaching

Data Migration

Deliver modern, relevant training content to develop 
high-performing teams

Data Migration

Proactively plan 
for talent needs

5 Reasons Joining Performance and Learning Drives Growth

Combining Performance with Learning helps employees and managers create meaningful career-building plans that lead to bottom line growth.

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Reinvent learning and development to realize the potential of your employees and create a culture of continuous learning.

Defining the Business Impact of Learning

The business impact of learning: why it matters, why you need it, and what learning can do to your bottom line.

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Organizations with effective talent management 
solutions achieve powerful revenue growth


Employees in organizations with a rich learning culture are 52% more productive


Companies that invest in training and development earn a profit growth 3x their competitors


Companies with engaged employees experience a 65% increase in retention

You're in good company

Join our strong community of small and medium businesses succeeding with Cornerstone Performance.

Patrick Sorensen

“Cornerstone has helped GSI create a whole new level of conversation between team members and managers. This is a direct result of both their increased engagement with technology and greater awareness around potential skill gaps.”

Patrick Sorensen

Senior Leader, Learning and Development, 
GeoStabilization International 

Learn how to deliver a successful succession plan.

ondemand webinar

Hosted by Jeremy Spake, Principal, Strategy & Value Services, Cornerstone and Dominic Rooke-Allden, Marketing Manager, SMB EMEA, Cornerstone.


“We've completely transformed our performance management approach to being continuous performance management”

- Anna Garza, VP, Talent Development Manager, Broadway Bank

Convergence Unbound

Register for the free, virtual Convergence and join the SMB session, "Performance and Learning: The Key to Unlocking People Potential" on 9/17

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“As we expand our business and add new members to our team, we know that Cornerstone can grow with us,  and help us maintain and continue to refine this amazing employee culture we’ve built.” 

- Michele McDermott, Senior VP of Human Resources

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