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Build your bench strength!

Ensure you have the right people in the right roles and avoid recruitment costs, with a complete succession planning tool.

Did you know…

According to Aldermore's report 45% of SME decision makers 1

believe the biggest threat to their business is the departure of senior executives. 

According to the CFIB survey 52% of SMEs 2

do not have a sucession plan in place, at all.


According to a Deloitte Insights study only 14% of leaders 3

felt that they did succession planning well.


Help is at hand


Develop leaders and upskill your workforce.

A unified talent management solution will help you identify top performers ready for their next challenge and help develop them for the next step in their career.

Talent management software enables HR professionals to spend less time on tedium (i.e. paperwork) and to be more strategic in plans for developing your talent and building succession planning to retain your people.

We have unlocked three courses on succession planning for you!

Experience Cornerstone SMB content first-hand! We have a portfolio of content solutions that integrate with our learning management systems. Watch the following micro-learning courses from our premier content partners: CyberU and Grovo
grovO course | 5 MINS
Connect to your team as a leader.

As a leader, don’t just tell your team what to do. Identify their values, hopes, and concerns, and relate to them.

watch now  >
grovO course | 5 MINS
Transition into a manager role on your team.

Make the transition from peer to manager by establishing the right kind of authority and boundaries.

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cyberu course | 7 MINS
What is mentoring.

Hosted by Dr Lois Zachary this 16 part course covers everything from the benefits of mentoring, making technology work for you to mentoring best practices.

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Download our whitepaper on succession planning.

Build your bench strength! A guide to succession planning for growing companies.

Part 1: Competency isn’t a four letter word.
Part 2: Turning performance reviews into smart succession components.
Part 3: Think training, not talent.

Format: PDF  |  Pages: 9

download whitepaper

Watch our on demand webinar

ondemand webinar
  1. How to adapt succession management to encompass an entire workforce, rather than executives only
  2. Case study examples of measuring “potential” in different ways
  3. Recommendations on how to embrace continuous performance management and continuous feedback models to identify your high potential population

Presenter: Jeremy Spake, Principal, Strategy & Value Services, Cornerstone

Duration: 1-hour and 10-mins

Learn how to deliver a successful succession plan.

ondemand webinar

Hosted by Jeremy Spake, Principal, Strategy & Value Services, Cornerstone and Dominic Rooke-Allden, Marketing Manager, SMB EMEA, Cornerstone.


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