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 Subtract the tedium

 Add meaningful work

You were meant for more than paperwork. Get back to what you love!

Did you know that companies that rely on manual HR processes experience: 

Lower Employee

Increase in 
Error Rates*

in Costs*

Lower Employee

For businesses, HR tasks, performance management, employee learning, recruiting, onboarding and overall talent management are vital to employee experience, engagement and productivity. And if your business is relying on manual process like Microsoft Excel to take on these tasks, you’re in that little rowboat trying to paddle across the ocean.  


Furthermore, we’re betting that spending hours per week and year keeping records isn’t how you imagined your ideal job. You were meant for more than paperwork. And the success of your business depends on you getting back to what matter the most… people. 

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Subtract the tedium, add meaningful work

In this guide, we’ll take you through what a talent management tool can really do for your business, for you and for managers and employees. 

Author: Susan Jeffery, Senior Content Strategist, Cornerstone SMB
Format: PDF  |  Pages: 9

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You were meant for more than paperwork

How to get back to being a people person. This infographic takes you through the key facts and statistics from the white paper.

Format: PDF

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Get back to building culture, being strategic empowering your people and thriving as a business!

It all starts with having the right tools! In short, your business needs a talent management tool to automate process, provide guidance, give insights and add value back to your work life. Wait, really? Our answer to all of those problems listed above is a talent management tool!

Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire, manage and develop your people.


Reinvent learning and development to realize the potential of your employees and create a culture of continuous learning.

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