The manufacturing industry is in flux.  Give employees skills for changing times. 

Cornerstone is here to help manufacturing companies manage, develop, and communicate with their employees in all environments, whether it be business growth, transformation, or times of uncertainty. Cornerstone Learning  and Content Anytime will help you train the next generation of workers and focus on career development to attract, engage, and retain new and existing employees.

Leeza Law

“Employees use it for required curriculum like compliance training, but they're also searching for career development courses and doing a lot of self-directed learning.”

Leeza Law

H&S Specialist/L&D Advisor,
Vitaco Health 

Train for today’s critical roles and those of the future

From the back office to the plant floor or in the field, the workplace for manufacturing organizations is dramatically changing. Ensure that your people are knowledgeable, engaged, and keeping pace with rapidly changing skill sets.

Sample 3 free courses from Cornerstone Content Anytime for manufacturing

What are common workplace safety hazards? 
Reinvent learning and development to realize the potential of your employees and create a culture of continuous learning.
Introduction to OSHA 
This Introduction to OSHA course provides you with some background information about OSHA and OSHA standards, inspections, citations, and penalties.
Take Precautions: COVID-19
Watch our video playlist containing important information with regards to COVID-19

Benefits of Cornerstone for Manufacturing

  • Target specific skill sets
  • Onboard new employees
  • Stay compliant and ahead of all regulatory changes
  • Modern manufacturing training content
  • Get certifications for critical roles
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Succession Planning
  • Development Plans
  • Ongoing Feedback
  • Provide continuous feedback and coaching
  • Close the workforce shortage
  • Find and train skilled workers
  • Increase number of job applicants
  • Provide top-notch candidate experience
  • Internal recruiting and referrals

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Addressing the skills gap in manufacturing

A People-Centric Approach to Business Success in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Observational checklist for manufacturing

Learn how to increase safety, eliminate workplace hazards and improve compliance. 

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Improving compliance and employee productivity

Address critical compliance and workforce challenges with powerful, unified talent management solutions.

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How America’s largest organic dairy brand transformed its end-to-end talent management process through industry-leading technology, content, and tools.

“We had numerous manual protocols in place that weren’t scalable…. We have a lot of required training—USDA, FDA, OSHA—but making sure that everyone took their training was both challenging and time-consuming.” 
Mark Schroeder
HR/L&OD Technology Strategist, Organic Valley
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