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Compliance affects every organization

only 43%

of organizations are
prepared for an audit 1


of executives call better compliance management a "high priority" 1

only 34%

of organizations report that their compliance training efforts are effective 2

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We've unlocked three sample courses on compliance for you! With Cornerstone’s Content Subscriptions, we’ve got all your compliance needs covered, from workplace safety to data protection and much more
What Are the Common Workplace Safety Hazards?

According to federal and state law, employers must ensure their workplaces are safe for their employees. This course will show you the safety standards that must upheld.

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Sexual Harrassment Prevention

In this first course, learn about sexual harassment prevention programs and actions you can take to stop harassing behavior in the workplace.


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Why security matters

Take this 2-minute course to learn about the importance of keeping information secure online.


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Compliance can make or break your organization’s reputation and protects the people that are important to your mission.  Cornerstone makes compliance simple for organizations with under 1,000 employees with modern tools that help you deliver critical training to the right people, and easily report on results.

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Learning ROI: Performance & Compliance

How integrated talent management, specifically performance management can help to answer the more difficult “why” questions and how compliance can be a “slam-dunk” for determining ROI.


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Compliance Without Complaints

Most companies need to do some form of compliance training, while most employees would rather do anything else. What you really need is to make mandated training more engaging and - ideally - enjoyable for your learners.

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Can You Get Away Without an HR Department?

Human resources professionals manage your company's most important asset: your people. From regulations and compliance issues to hiring, developing and engaging employees, HR pros are the key to staying competitive in today's talent market.

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